Welcome to Dioimplant.ch

Welcome to Dioimplant.ch

Dedicated to providing the best implant supplier services, quality submerged DIO dental implant fixtures and implant abutments.

The brand DIO

Since 1982 DIO Corporation has enjoyed a steady growth to become today a market leader in dental implants manufacturing.

In South Korea, DIO is the second largest implant manufacturer and the first in terms of market capitalization. DIO also manufactures high end cardiac stents and enjoys a worldwide excellent reputation in more than 45 countries.


 High-Quality implants……

In dentistry the implant field is the one which enjoys nowadays the highest growth rate, approximately 15 % per year. The first implant manufacturers such as Nobel, Straumann, Astra, Branemark, etc. have enjoyed for decades a dominant position in this market while keeping prices excessively high.

40 years were necessary for dental implants to acquire their current status as first choice treatments in many clinical cases but high prices have slowed down their expansion.

Nowadays, DIO high-end implants from Korea are used in 45 countries worldwide. They have entered the Swiss market in 2009 with an outmost irreproachable Quality.


………for a never-seen-before Price

After having won substantial market share in Asia, America and Europe, DIO dental implants have entered the Swiss implant market with their high end cutting edge technology. A glance at our catalogues will persuade the most demanding specialists about our high professionalism.

We have opted for simplicity and all the information you need is available on www.dioimplant.com.

For us quality is essential, but the price is equally important to allow the implant to become the preferred option for all clinical cases of edentulism of your patients.

DIO brings to your office an implant Quality without concessions at an unrivalled Price.


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